A Funny Story About Mortgage Debt

As a Mortgage Agent I help my clients get into a mortgage that is a good financial fit for them. I consider it my responsibility to do what I can to save them time, money, and stress as they navigate through this process.

Clients come to me from various sources. Some find me through word of mouth, maybe knowing someone whom I have helped and I was recommended to them. Some find me on-line, either through social media or my website. And some are referred to me by business professionals I network with.

During my first conversation with a prospective client, I gather information about them, and tell them how I feel I can help them best. But during a networking event I am not speaking directly to my client, I am speaking to a room full of professionals who might know someone who needs a mortgage, and so I want them to think of referring me when they meet that someone. When I am speaking to these professionals I have a short window in which to introduce myself, to wow them so they remember me, and to plant the seeds that grow into trust.

How do I do that? Well to me it’s so simple. I explain that I help my clients prepare for the mortgage process, that I’ve written a book called “Get Mortgage Ready: The First Step In Getting Mortgage Free Faster”, and that I want to change the traditional thinking about mortgages away from ‘a mortgage is a long term debt’, and into ‘your home is your long term investment and your mortgage is a short term means to get you there’. In short, I help my clients get mortgage free faster!

Usually I have to sell myself when speaking to a room. But at a recent networking event someone else inadvertently did this for me! And this episode impacted me so much that I just have to share it with you…

During our business introductions, or our 30 second pitches, as some call it, another guest at the event who works in the mortgage industry stood up and said “your mortgage is your debt til death”. Seriously. I couldn’t believe it. Why would anyone want to be a part of that? And even more shocking to me was why would you try and sell people on that thinking? Wow!

But the funniest part of all was when the woman beside me at my table, whom I know well, said to me afterwards, “Rhonda, when she said that you looked like you had just been shot”!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Which approach would you prefer to take with respect to your mortgage? Email me at rhonda@rhondastark.ca.