About Rhonda Stark


Rhonda Stark is a respected independent mortgage expert, author of “Get Mortgage Ready: The First Step In Getting Mortgage Free Faster,” and creator of the Real Debt To Service Ratio (RDSR) formula. She is a sought after mortgage coach to those who want to get into their ideal mortgage and get mortgage-free faster.

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in the early ‘90s, Rhonda began her mortgage career as a Personal Banking Officer with a leading bank in the heart of Toronto. She loved her job, particularly working through the mortgage process with clients, but didn’t love the corporate environment. Although the trend toward  mobile mortgage specialists  wasn’t common at the time, Rhonda knew this was the direction she was headed.

Rhonda doesn’t only help her clients get a mortgage – she builds relationships and works with them to create a plan, which takes them through their mortgage journey and ultimately to become mortgage-free.

Having bought and sold nine homes throughout Southern Ontario, and successfully navigating the mortgage process as an applicant even more times, Rhonda is clear how the process works. Her added experience as a lender with a bank and now as an independent mortgage expert, places her in a unique position to offer expertise on all three sides of the mortgage transaction triangle.

Rhonda once owned a million dollar home close to Burlington, but after a divorce, which left her raising four young children on her own, she had the added burden of experiencing the mortgage process from a position of financial hardship. As a result of creating a personal budgeting tool (the Real Debt to Service Ratio) for her own benefit, to ensure her personal mortgage success, Rhonda was able to rebuild her life, has a new home in London, and is well on her way to becoming mortgage free faster than she ever thought possible given the obstacles she encountered.

Rhonda recognizes the challenges of the mortgage process and understands how difficult it is to become mortgage free. The way clients are traditionally qualified does not work. Rhonda now uses her proprietary formula, the RDSR, to help clients set appropriate mortgage goals, qualify for their mortgage, and ensure they have the tools they need to stay on track, so they can prevent the extreme financial stress she once experienced.

Combining her passion for helping others with an educational approach, Rhonda facilitates private and group workshops to help her clients build a mortgage plan, save interest, live within their means so they can enjoy life with less financial stress, and pay off their mortgages faster.

Rhonda is on a mission to implement improved mortgage savvy within the industry and a better mortgage experience for the consumer, while leaving a legacy for her children.

Why I Do What I Do