Mortgage Types


Your First Mortgage


Typically, your first mortgage will be one of two types, a High Ratio or Conventional Mortgage. Click here to learn more.


Mortgage Refinancing


At some point during the life of your mortgage, after you have built up some equity in your home, you may choose to refinance your mortgage to gain access to cash for renovations, traveling, paying off debt, or even purchasing a vehicle. Click here to learn more.


Mortgage Renewals


At the end of your mortgage term you will need to make a decision regarding what to do with the outstanding mortgage balance. You may choose to: (a) pay out the balance if you have the money, (b) renew the balance, roll into another mortgage term, and begin making modified payments as per the renewal offer of your current lender, or (c) shop around for a new mortgage with a new lender. Click here to learn more.


Home Equity Line Of Credit


A Home Equity Line of Credit is a mortgage in the form of a personal line of credit that is secured against the borrower’s property. Click here to learn more.


Reverse Mortgages


In Canada, a Reverse Mortgage is an option available to seniors in transition, specifically homeowners aged 55 years or older. Click here to learn more.