A Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage!

What do you get when you combine a home purchase and renovations? A Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage!

Are you looking to purchase a home that needs a little tweaking to make it perfect? Are there repairs that need to be done in order to make the home safer or more comfortable? Or maybe it just needs a little TLC, but you don’t have the extra money to spend on the care it needs.  Why not structure your mortgage as a Purchase Plus Improvements (PPI) Mortgage, and have the lender lend the money for your mortgage PLUS the renovations you want to do, based on what the value of the home will be AFTER the renovations are done?

It is not uncommon to find a not so perfect home in a perfect neighborhood. Many home buyers tend to walk away from this scenario without moving forward with an offer. Why? It takes money to transform that not so perfect home into that perfect home.

But here’s the thing…. It’s easier to transform a not so perfect home into the perfect home for your family than it is to find another perfect neighbourhood. And you know that once you find a neighbourhood you love, any other neighbourhood won’t measure up. Homes can be improved much easier than a neighbourhood can. A Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage can get you the money you need to get you into the perfect home in the neighbourhood you love.

It’s simple. Follow these 3 steps to get you on your way to a Purchase Plus Improvements (PPI) Mortgage:

First, find a home in an area you love than can be modified or improved to be perfect for your family. Not so sure if it can be done? No problem, we can help with that!

Second, have a home inspection done on the property to identify any major issues that need to be dealt with (if any), and get estimates done for the repairs and/ or renovations you need to do to upgrade the home. Not sure who to call? We can help with that too!

Third, let’s discuss your options for a purchase plus improvements mortgage application so we can get you into your perfect home. Don’t wait until someone else gets the same idea and lives out your dream! Call today for a Free Mortgage Discovery Session!