October is ‘Acts of Kindness’ Month

Take Time To Be Kind This Month…..& Beyond

Have you ever been on the receiving end of an act of kindness? Maybe you were short a few dollars at the grocery store and the person behind you in line covered your shortfall. Maybe you ran out of gas and another driver stopped and drove you to the gas station. Or maybe your car battery died in the parking lot and a passerby gave you a jump. I know these things have happened to me, and I was, and still am, truly grateful to the kind strangers that helped me out.

As we get caught up in the “busy”ness of our lives, it’s easy to forget that the “crazy”-ness of life surrounds us all. Once in a while we should really stop and take a look around. Take a breath. Smile at someone. And definitely help someone who is in need.

With all the media hype about the economy, the recent changes in the mortgage rules, the bullying that goes on in our schools, and our own personal stresses, it isn’t hard to just tunnel vision through our days. But if we take a moment, just a moment, to do something kind for someone, we have added something positive to our day. Not to mention the positive ripples we have set in motion in the universe. It is important to make time to share happiness. And who couldn’t use a little extra happiness these days?

Take a moment today, and every day, to be kind to someone. Show gratitude to those who are kind to you. Pay kindness forward.

Share your kindness experiences with others. And I’d love to hear about your ‘acts of kindness’ too!